• H&N Smart Shot Copper Plated Lead BBs by Air Venturi
  • Caliber: .177 caliber, 4.5 mm
  • Weight: 7.4 grains
  • Double copper-plated round balls
  • Count: 750 per tin, packaged in a blister pack
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    Excite Smart Shot copper plated lead BBs might just be the safest BBs available. Ricochet from hard surfaces is virtually gone because the customary, lightweight steel has been replaced with much heavier lead. And because these lead BBs undergo a double copper-plating process, they have less friction, offer increased velocity and even more distance than plain lead balls. The copper plating also helps to prevent deformation of the BB and keeps them shiny and clean from oxidation during handling and storage. Even though the Smart Shot BBs travel a little slower than steel, because they're heavier than steel, they hit with added power.

    Excite Smart Shot Lead BBs are double-copper-coated BBs with the exact same diameter as steel BBs (4.35 mm). What does that mean for you? You get a better ammunition choice for your spring-loaded BB gun magazines.

    Clean. The double coating of copper plating provides just enough hardness to prevent the lead from deforming in the barrel of your air gun. So unlike traditional lead balls, you won't experience lead fouling in the barrel.

    Versatile. Now you can shoot at steel targets, shoot competitively, and even shoot indoors with the Smart Shot BBs in your BB handgun or rifle. Copper coating makes their surface much harder than traditional lead balls, yet they still flatten on impact. Smart Shot BBs offer whole new world of target choices for you to shoot at.

    Choose the heavyweight Smart Shot BBs and you'll be surprised by their performance, penetration and low ricochet.